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Sabert Square Lid PUL51901F300RPET

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Square Microwavable Lid made from rPET lid to fit containers PUL49148F300N / PUL49132F300N, completely recyclable, strong and durable. PET is a clear polymer used mostly for product packaging and container manufacturing. PET is very strong, durable and most importantly, can be recycled over and over again. A by-product of fossil fuel, PET- Polyethylene terephthalate is often used in several types of food packaging. We have now entered an era of intelligent recycling and the “re-processed” version is now known as RPET. Sabert, prefer to use this type of material and guarantee that their products offer at least 50% “post-consumer” recycled PET What Sabert says... “ We are happy to announce several new sustainable packaging to enhance our already existing BePulp bowl solution. 4 new complete solutions to showcase at best any food recipe you can imagine. Concerns over the environmental impact of foodservice packaging are nothing new, as a manufacturer we are looking to deliver innovations that marry sustainability and functionality. We know the foodservice market is waiting for sustainable packaging to emphasize the local, artisanal, seasonal, ultra-fresh side of the recipes merchandised to consumers. Our BePulp products guarantee the right choice. The bases of the range of bowls that we present today are OK compost certified; they are made from bagasse (sugar cane residue) which is a natural, abundant and renewable resource. The extra clear lids, with the best lid fit of the market, that are produced in Europe are in RPET. RPET is a “re-processed” version of PET. At Sabert, we prefer to use this type of material and we guarantee that our products offer at least 50% “post-consumer” recycled PET. A growing number of QSR decide to go for sustainable packaging. Why don’t you test your recipe in one of our BePulp solutions! ”

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Additional Information
Biodegradable No
Dimension (L x W x D) 23x23
Colour Clear
Manufacturer Website
Material PET
Shape Square
Food Safe Yes
Max Temperature 54
Microwavable Yes
Min Temperature -40
Recyclable Yes
Washable Yes