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Reuse. Reduce. Recyle.

  • BioPBS Resin derived from renewable sources
  • BioPBS coating on paper used to manufacture ButterflyCups
  • After discarding, ButterflyCups naturally bodegrade into CO2, Water and Biomass
  • Renewable materials (cassava, corn and sugar cane)

The environmental benefits of BioPBS

Traditionally, paper cups are coated with plastic (PE) in order to make the paper waterproof. ButterflyCup Bio uses BioPBS as the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic.

Paper cups coated in BioPBS are compostable at ambient temperature and biodegrade naturally in the soil into biomass, carbon dioxide and water, leaving zero negative impact on the environment. Paper cups coated with BioPBS can also be 100% recycled or composted in commercial waste disposal facilities.

A further advantage of BioPBS is that it is produced from renewable materials (corn, cassava and sugar cane) thereby completing an environmentally friendly life cycle.

ButterflyCup Bio has multiple benefits for you and your customers.

100% Compostable & Bio-Degradable

Made From Bio-Based Product

Food Contact Approved

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